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但是我看还有好多网站在出售 5 年的 ssl 证书。。。

买了会怎么样? 浏览器信任吗?

找到说明了。。。 是一年一年续期

How do 2-5-year SSL Certificates Work?
  September 19, 2019   Renewal, Reissue and Refund related questions
*Maximum SSL validity period changes:
March 1, 2018 – 2 years
August 18, 2020 – 1 year

You may have noticed that if you purchase a 2*–5-year SSL certificate, the certificate you are issued is only valid for 1 year. Don’t worry, this isn’t an error.

From August 18, 2020, the maximum SSL certificate validity of an issued SSL will be limited to 1 year following new requirements announced by a number of major web browsers.

An SSL of more than 1-year is a prepay option that gets you the lowest price possible for your SSL. Buying an SSL for more years gives you a bulk discount and protects you against industry price rises.

You will still be able to use the full period you’ve paid for through the reactivation process.

那就是一年续一次 不是直接五年

platinum 发表于 2022-1-18 14:36
那就是一年续一次 不是直接五年

多谢 。 找到了官方说明了。 是一年一年续的

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