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Title: Upcoming service migration & upgrade

Dear VirMach Customers,

You have a service that’s eligible for migration to our new Ryzen servers, with much faster processing power and disk speeds, with no price increase. IPv6 will also become available at a later time, and many new locations are available. Most of you should be able to request a self-serve migration without data if you desire, by navigating to your service page and using the Ryzen migrate/upgrade button. Please only use this option if you do not mind re-installing your operating system (this is optional.)

There will be many upcoming migration maintenance windows.

We will publish these on our website on the network status page. If your service becomes part of a migration, you’ll receive another email with the date but you can always also check the network status page. Please note, many migrations are coming up so support requests will be temporarily delayed. When a service is migrated, it will go offline for a few hours and return back with a new IP address. You can check your service details page for the new IP address and if networking is not functional, you can use the reconfigure network button. We’ll generally send further communication when possible providing this information to you in a ticket as well.

Please also note, due to the quantity of migrations, it is possible in some situations there will be a short notice so please keep an eye out for a migration email. We’ll still try our best to provide this information as soon as possible and with 72 hours to 1 week advance notice but in some cases it may occur as early as 24 hours or as an emergency maintenance window should you be on an older node that happens to face hardware problems.

There will be no increase in service cost. We highly recommend you begin backing up any important data. While we keep emergency backups and do not suspect any issues, it’s always good practice to back up your files. It’s also possible that for some services on extremely old operating systems, there may be compatibility issues when you move to new hardware, so we recommend updating your operating system. The most common fix for this issue would be requesting that we change the CPU settings on your service, so please mention this in your ticket title should you run into this problem.

Old operating systems may not function. If you install an operating system and see an error on VNC, please install the latest operating system instead. If new operating systems are not available for your old service, please contact us and let us know. We will continue adding these to old services automatically in the meantime. Please check both your service details page re-install option as well as the re-install option directly after clicking the VPS Control Panel button.

New locations & free location changes:

We now have Tokyo, Frankfurt, Denver, Miami, and Phoenix locations available. You may change your location by using the self-serve migration without data option. We currently have no option to change locations for free with data, so if you want to change locations, you must re-install your operating system.

Other changes/notes:

Your service may be located to a nearby location if the location is not available during migration. You will be able to migrate back at a later time (a button will appear on service details page when this is available.)
Port 25 may become blocked by default on these new servers. If it is blocked, you may use the port 25 unblock department to request assistance, however, please first check and ensure it is actually blocked before creating the request as we will be receiving many of these requests. Include output showing the port is blocked in the ticket.
rDNS requests will be unavailable for some time. If you require rDNS, please begin to make other temporary arrangements. Once rDNS is available, the button will appear and function on your service details page. Old rDNS requests will not function since your IP address is changing.
Windows is currently only available as Windows 2022 Eval version. Licensed Windows services will become available again in the near future and you will see a button allowing you to change to the licensed plan if you’re eligible. This will involve another migration and re-install. When booting into Windows 2022 Eval for the first time, please re-arm the trial license by opening CMD and typing in slmgr /rearm
Any further changes and notes will be communicated on the network status page for the migrations. Please check there for new information before creating a ticket as it may get you the answer you need much faster than contacting us.
If you have any questions, please refer to our announcements and knowledgebase articles. We’ll add FAQ to the knowledgebase as questions are asked. Please use the "Ryzen" department for any issues related to this change and once again keep in mind that we will be receiving many requests and support response time will be highly delayed. If you have any emergency situation, please use the "priority" department. We will not bill you for priority support as long as it involves your service not being functional.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and hopefully once everything settles down, it will be worth the change for everyone. We also apologize for any errors in this long email.

Thank you,

The VirMach Team

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